We are thrilled to share the success of our recent solar project at Blyford Residential Home in Oulton, Lowestoft—a journey that exemplifies our commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions. Let’s delve into the project details, highlighting the locations, processes, and the ultimate success of this solar installation for a commercial project.

Project Overview: Illuminating Blyford Residential Home

Our venture began with the vision of bringing solar solutions to the heart of East Anglia. Blyford Residential Home in Oulton, Lowestoft, emerged as the ideal canvas for our sustainable masterpiece. The goal? To harness the abundant sunlight and power this residential haven with clean, renewable energy.

Strategic Solar Installations Across Elevations

The project involved the meticulous installation of over 300 Trina 425w panels strategically placed across multiple elevations. This precision not only maximised energy capture but also showcased our dedication to providing top-tier solar installations for commercial projects.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Solis Inverters at the Helm

Driving our solar success were two 3-phase Solis inverters—a testament to our commitment to utilising cutting-edge technology for maximum efficiency. These inverters not only generate power but also lay the foundation for sustainable energy management.

Compliance and Optimisation: Navigating G99 Criteria

In ensuring compliance with G99 Criteria, we deployed the Solis EPM Module. This intelligent system not only optimised energy export but also acted as a guiding force, ensuring our solar installation met and exceeded regulatory standards.

Weathering Challenges: A Resilient Approach

The project faced its share of challenges, particularly disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions. Yet, our team’s resilience shone through, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles and delivering successful solar installations in any location.

The Final Push: Triumph Despite Challenges

Despite weather-related setbacks, we’re proud to announce the project’s imminent completion. Our dedicated team, known for their expertise in solar installations for commercial projects, is gearing up for the final push next week. The finish line is in sight, and the prospect of lighting up Blyford Residential Home with solar power is now a reality.

130kW Triumph: Monitoring Success with Solis Inverters

Celebrating the successful completion of a 130kW solar project over multiple roofs, our Solis 3-phase inverters are strategically placed in the front and rear blocks. These inverters not only monitor the entire system but also provide live data and historic information. Accessible through an intuitive app or browser, this setup epitomizes the seamless integration of technology and sustainability.

Happy Customer, Happy Days: Onward to the Next Solar Venture

As we bask in the success of this project, a happy customer signifies happy days for Sq1i. The project is now finished and has exceeded expectations, affirming our status as the go-to provider for solar installations in commercial projects. Onward we go, eager to embark on the next solar adventure!

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