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Our experienced, friendly team have many years of professional expertise in Solar Energy and is available to discuss your property’s options. We offer no-obligation estimates at industry-competitive costs and back all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee.

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  • Square1 Installations is MCS accredited through NAPIT and a REEC member.

  • We will always provide the highest level of service, be clear about what we are supplying, and fulfill your expectations

  • To deliver excellent service, we make sure that everyone is knowledgeable about our offerings, actively actually listens to your needs, reacts swiftly and favourably, and keeps you, the client, at the centre of everything we do.

  • Under MCS qualification we must provide a 2 year warranty. We are so confident with our service we provide a 5 year insurance backed warranty and are happy to increase that to 10 years at your request.

  • Our entire team shares the same work ethic and desire to meet the needs of our customers.

Get Your Free Quote from Norwich’s Top Solar Panel and PV Battery Specialists – SQ1i

Receive your free, no-obligation quote from SQ1i, a trusted professional in solar panel and PV battery solutions. 

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Rest assured, we prioritise your data privacy and will never share your information with anyone else. As one of the most competitive solar panel installers in Norwich and the surrounding areas, we take pride in our transparent and friendly approach. Our team is here to provide information and options without high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Energy Cost Savings:
    Solar PV reduces your reliance on grid electricity, leading to substantial long-term savings on your energy bills.

  • Energy Independence:
    Battery storage allows you to store excess energy generated by your solar panels, providing a reliable source of power, especially during outages.

  • Environmental Impact:
    Solar PV and battery storage systems are environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions and supporting a more sustainable future.

  • Return on Investment:
    Over time, the energy savings and potential revenue from selling excess energy back to the grid can provide a significant return on your initial investment.

  • Grid Stability:
    By storing excess energy and discharging it when needed, battery storage can help stabilize the grid and reduce the strain on the electrical infrastructure during peak demand periods.

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