Solar Energy  is Here to Stay

There are several ways to maximize the amount of electricity produced by a solar PV system
installed on a home:

  1. Orientation and tilt: Orienting the solar panels towards the south, and tilting them at an
    angle that is appropriate for the location, can maximize the amount of sunlight that the
    panels receive, and thus increase the amount of electricity produced.
  2. Proper sizing: Installing a solar PV system that is appropriately sized for the home’s
    energy needs can ensure that the system is able to generate as much electricity as
  3. Regular maintenance: Regularly cleaning and maintaining the solar panels can help to
    ensure that they are operating at their maximum efficiency.
  4. Use the electricity generated: It’s important to use the electricity generated by the solar
    PV system when it is being produced, this way you can avoid having to sell it back to the
    grid at a lower rate.
  5. Battery storage: Installing a battery storage system can allow you to store any excess
    electricity generated by the solar PV system, and use it later when the sun is not shining.
  6. Smart Metering: Smart metering can help to monitor the consumption of electricity and
    the production of the solar PV system, this way you can make adjustments to your
    consumption habits and make the most of your solar PV system.

It’s worth noting that the cost of the above mentioned items can vary and you should consult with a professional and calculate the return of investment before undertaking any of these steps.